January 18, 2022

New public transport plan in use - Arriva

New bus lines and routes as well as a fresh timetable for journeys to, from and through LBSP are in use. The lines to remember are 9, 38 and 90, which will replace the current lines 37, 221 and 621. Plan your journey and consult the new timetable at arriva.nl/consumers.htm.

Ready, set… not quite yet

The new public transport plan will make LBSP easier to reach, although we are not quite there yet. As the viaduct on Robert Boyleweg under the A44 motorway is still under construction, there will be a deviated route for the time being.

Introducing the new lines

  • Line 9: Leiden Central Station – Leiden Bio Science Park – Leiden Central Station
    The new city line 9 will replace peak line 621. A ‘loop bus’ service during peak hours on workdays only.
  • Line 38: Unmanned Valley – Valkenburg – Leiden Bio Science Park – Leiden Central Station
    An hourly service, 7 days a week until about 19.00.
  • Line 90: Lisse – Katwijk – Rijnsburg – Nieuw Rhijngeest – Wassenaarseweg – Leiden Central Station
    Line 90 will replace line 37. An hourly service, 7 days a week until late at night.

These three bus lines will run more frequently during peak hours (together up to between 10 and 12 departures per hour), allowing for ample travel options from Leiden Central Station. All buses going to LBSP will depart from platform F.

LBSP line network from 30 January onwards

The dotted lines show the bus routes from 30 January onwards. Updates on the new routes will appear in the next newsletter.

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