November 20, 2020

Start LSH incubator op het Leiden Bioscience Park: unlock_

A new incubator will open its doors today in Leiden, offering life sciences and health (LSH) innovators a base from where they can grow to become major players. The unlock_ initiative will support entrepreneurs in setting up companies, developing ideas and bringing their product to market. It will be a focal point for knowledge innovation and talent, a place where start-ups and scale-ups can take their next steps towards solving global health problems.

The unlock_ project focuses on four aspects specifically tailored to the LSH sector: knowledge and skills, networking, mentoring and coaching and funding. It will also provide access to the wealth of experience that can be found at Leiden Bio Science Park, a unique ecosystem in the Netherlands. As businesses, research institutions and knowledge centres at the park have been involved with the programme from the start, the incubator has everything it needs to connect to the ecosystem.Initial events were launched this week and unlock_ will be fully underway from 2021.

More information can be found at

Did you know? Train station Leiden Central within direct proximity