April 9, 2024

Toxys reports positive results from the OECD ring trial validation of ToxTracker in a peer-reviewed article

Toxys announces positive results from international validation of ToxTracker©, an animal-free method predicting genotoxicity.

On April 9th 2024, Toxys announces the peer-reviewed publication of the positive results from an international interlaboratory validation of ToxTracker©. ToxTracker is an in vitro method that accurately predicts genotoxicity without the use of animals. The results constitute an essential part of the approval process by the OECD for international acceptance of novel methods by regulatory authorities.

The evaluation was finalized earlier in the year and data have been submitted to the OECD showing that ToxTracker consistently demonstrates high accuracy and excellent reproducibility of test results, both within and between different laboratories. These data prove that ToxTracker is both robust and reliable. Importantly, ToxTracker can provide insight into the mode of action of genotoxic compounds thereby significantly improving the in vitro safety assessment of novel pharmaceutical products, chemicals, cosmetics and food-related products.

Visit the page below for the full press release and a link to the publication:


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