February 7, 2024

Elevating Entrepreneurship: Insights from Unlock Incubator Participants

Two founders from Unlock_ shared their experiences and insights gained along the way, offering a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship.

The startup world is full of challenges, and success stories often begin with humble beginnings and a shared vision for change. This article will examine the journeys of two innovative founders, Violette Defourt, from Rapidemic, and Charlotte Poot, from Hospital Hero, who recently graduated from the Unlock Incubator program. They shared their experiences and invaluable insights gained along the way, offering a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship.


Unlock is a Leiden Bio Science Park program that offers tailored entrepreneurship programs and comprehensive support for Life Science & Health startups. It provides early-stage entrepreneurs guidance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and valuable skills. The program also includes tailored advice, coaching, mentoring, and masterclasses with support from industry experts. Additionally, participants gain access to venture capital and biotech networks necessary for their startup to flourish.


Violette founded Rapidemic, a molecular diagnostics company with an eight-person team. She is passionate about making quality diagnostics more accessible to patients. She sought the Unlock incubator program to refine her market strategy, validate her value proposition, understand regulatory hurdles, build a network, and create a high-performing team.

Charlotte is one of the co-founders of Hospital Hero, a non-profit organization dedicated to easing the stress and anxiety of pediatric patients. Along with pediatric nurse Nicole Donkel, she created an app to prepare children for hospital visits after recognizing a gap in this area while working there. Their idea evolved from winning a health hackathon in 2017 to becoming a fully-fledged project. Charlotte and her team participated in the Venture Academy pre-incubator program before finally joining the Unlock incubator program in April 2022.


According to Violette, the program provided her with invaluable networking opportunities, access to experts in various fields, including intellectual property and regulatory compliance, and essential skills in strategic thinking. She also highlighted the sense of community the program fostered, which reminded her that she was not alone in her entrepreneurial journey. Violette emphasized the significance of having a supportive network and access to expertise that incubators can provide. Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and tackling it alone can be daunting, making incubators an invaluable resource.

Similarly, Charlotte shared that the program broadened her understanding of entrepreneurship, business models, market validation, and stakeholder engagement. The program also connected her with mentors and fellow startup founders who shared their expertise and resources, creating a valuable network. Charlotte emphasized incubators' collective knowledge and support network, enabling entrepreneurs to navigate challenges by connecting them with experts and peers. Incubators foster collaboration and provide guidance that is often challenging to access independently.

The intensive program offered lectures, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring, equipping Violette and Charlotte with the knowledge to navigate the business landscape.


Violette strongly recommends joining an incubator program, especially in the field of life sciences. These programs offer essential guidance, expose blind spots, and provide fresh perspectives. They also enable founders to build a supportive network.

Rapidemic has also participated in Techniek and IgM programs. These experiences have reinforced the importance of continuous learning and networking.

Unlock incubator program, according to Charlotte, is highly recommended for anyone considering launching a startup. It helps researchers and innovators understand the business side of their ventures early on, bridging the gap between research and commercial success. The program offers invaluable insights, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Hospital Hero's journey with Charlotte started at the Venture Academy. They received a ZorgTech voucher from Kansen voor West II to support their participation in the innovation program "CareTech", which aims to strengthen healthcare companies and improve healthcare in the South Holland province. These experiences have provided them with fresh perspectives, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


Rapidemic is on a mission to make quality diagnostics more accessible. In the next 6-12 months, they plan to refine their market approach, expand their team, and continue seeking fresh perspectives to fuel their growth.

Hospital Hero is continually evolving as well. They plan to optimize their processes, expand to more hospitals, and introduce new modules to enhance the children's hospital experience.

This interview with Charlotte and Violette provides a glimpse into the world of innovative startups, and the crucial role incubator programs play in their success. As these entrepreneurs continue to evolve their ventures, they exemplify the power of collaboration, networking, and ongoing learning in the startup ecosystem.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or part of a startup, consider exploring incubator programs like Unlock to boost your business acumen and foster a supportive network. Violette and Charlotte's inspiring journey demonstrates that you can realize your startup dreams with the right resources, guidance, and collaboration.

Join us on this exciting journey of entrepreneurship and innovation. Discover the potential of incubator programs and the support they offer.

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