February 27, 2024

Young Advisory Board

If you or someone you know would like to contribute to the Young Advisory Board. Start a conversation!

Young Advisory Board At the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP), we believe in the power of the connection between young and experienced professionals. Therefore, we aim to actively contribute to facilitating this connection. The Young Advisory Board is a diverse group of young people who enhance LBSP through their unique talents, curiosity, and passion. The board includes secondary education, vocational education, higher education, and university students.

Additionally, young PhD candidates and starting entrepreneurs are also part of this community. The Young Advisory Board strengthens the LBSP in three ways:

  1. As a think tank on topics such as our positioning, the Human Capital Agenda, and environmental challenges.
  2. As ambassadors, they actively participate in the activities organized by the LBSP (Life Sciences Café, Tech Talks, Career Events) and encourage their network also to participate.
  3. Coming up with ideas themselves, (co)organizing events, or initiating collaborations with various study/student associations (SV Life, de Leidsche Flesch, PLNT Students, etc.)

The young community surrounding the Young Advisory Board is also a space for young employees from various companies on the park. This provides a perfect opportunity to connect with diverse talents across companies, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on impactful activities.

The group also offers an ideal setting to brainstorm together about the future. How can we address larger challenges in the job market, sustainability, infrastructure, and soil diversity—both in the present and for the long term?

This vibrant space presents numerous possibilities for the park and the individuals committed to it. At the moment, the Young Advisory Board is taking shape. We are looking for enthusiastic, curious, and motivated students/starters from secondary education, vocational education, higher education, and academic institutions who actively want to contribute to the impact made by the LBSP. We are also seeking a starting PhD candidate and entrepreneur.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute to the Young Advisory Board, please sign up via the following form. You can also contact Jort Verhage directly (+31 6 47 29 78 51 / jverhage@lbsp.nl)

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