For 20 years already the sound of entrepreneurs

About the Entrepreneurs Association

The OV BSP, Ondernemersvereniging BioScience Park, was founded in 1998 and changed its name in 2009. The General Membership Meeting is held twice a year during which accountability for the previous year is presented to the members and the most important plans for the current year are announced.

The OV BSP is:

  • a stakeholder for companies and institutions at Leiden Bio Science Park
  • THE platform for networking with colleagues
  • independent of governments and suppliers
  • a structural discussion partner for governmental organisations and other relevant forums

Board of Directors

The association is supervised by a board whose membership represent a broad spectrum of companies in the park.

In addition, a park management committee is involved in the development of projects that are carried out, supervised or managed by the park management. This committee also includes a representative of Leiden University and the municipality of Leiden.