Because the Entrepreneurs Association has set up collective agreements with carefully selected suppliers for a number of topics (window), members of the association can buy products and services at very favourable terms. To view these terms and conditions (in Dutch only) login to My Park.


The Entrepreneurs Association has made attractive collective agreements with a security company for the following security services:

  • Mobile surveillance and preventive controls
  • Alarm monitoring and follow-up
  • Object Security
  • Fire monitoring and opening / closing security inspection rounds

Company emergency response (BHV)

Employers are obliged by law to implement safety measures whenever a company emergency, such as accident or fire, arises. Being able to provide first aid, fire fighting and evacuation are tasks which are taken very seriously indeed. Therefore, after a careful selection process, an agreement has been made with a training agency which offers standard or customised training courses for company emergency response teams at very competitive prices.   


The Entrepreneurs Association is partnered with an energy consulting company that has been active at home and abroad for more than 15 years. Due to the company's strength, shared capabilities and market know-how, it is able to obtain highly interesting offers from the market for the delivery period up to 2023, depending on your wishes and options. On top of a substantial saving, you can also make use of:

  • Advisory
  • Metering

  • Tendering

  • Sustainability

  • Reduction of energy and CO2

  • Etc etc

Slippery roads

Depending on the weather forecast, the supplier will ensure a timely application of road salt on the affected areas and, if necessary, sweep the snow away or brush it aside. Reliable service at competitive rates. The supplier will visit your site and make you an offer based on your own wishes and specific circumstances.  

Rental cars

At attractive rates, members of the Entrepreneurs Association can rent a car for half a day, one day or long term. To summarise, the benefits of this agreements are:

  • The car will be delivered to you at your door and picked up again.
  • The car is refuelled after it is picked up, so you do not have to do it yourself.
  • Large choice of vehicles:  for example, a Citroen C1 or a Volkswagen Touran, a people carrier or a  transporter.
  • Fast delivery: a car can be delivered within 2 hours.

Company fitness

Physical exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit. The Entrepreneurs Association has made agreements for its members with SportCity and Fit for Free so that they can exercise against very favourable rates and conditions.  

Health insurance

Two renowned health insurers offer employees at Leiden Bio Science Park an attractive health insurance, with a collective discount on the basic insurance and supplementary insurance premiums. Any employee of an organisation that is a member of the OV BSP can benefit from this offer.  

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Members of the Entrepreneurs Association can take advantage of exclusive, discounted pricing on several products and services. These exclusive discounts can add up to substantial savings.

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