Drug development pipeline

In 2014 a large amount of research and development is done in the disease areas Infectious diseases, Central Nervous System, Cardiology, Auto-immune diseases and inflammation, Cancer and Musculo-skeletal disorders. 

Companies and institutions working in vaccine development and production

Leiden Bio Science Park hosts many organisations working on research, development and production of vaccines. This ranges from fundamental research to large scale vaccine production. Prophylactic vaccines against infectious diseases represent the majority of vaccine products at Leiden Bio Science Park, but companies are also working on therapeutic vaccines.
For instance ISA Pharmaceuticals works on prophylactic vaccines against HPV and Janssen Vaccines is involved in the fast track consortium that develops an Ebola therapeutic vaccine.

These are examples of the innovative and involved environment that makes Leiden Bio Science Park an attractive location for research and development on vaccines and infectious diseases.

Number of products in development, per pipeline phase, 2011-2014

This table that shows the focus of Leiden Bio Science Park on early stage drug development: 52 products are in the discovery phase, 25 are in the preclinical phase, 44 are in phase I and 34 in phase II and 22 products in phase III. 

Here is an overview of the combined pipeline of companies and research institutions at Leiden Bio Science Park, as compiled from publicly available information: