BiosanaPharma is rethinking the way biotherapeutics will hit the market, by deploying two platforms and generating a mAb pipeline with these technologies. The first platform is the patented, validated GMP-stage Triple C process by which we can produce low-cost (<10% of current COGs), high-quality (FDA/EMA) monoclonal antibodies, and the second platform is for oral formulation of large biotherapeutics (such as mAbs, enzymes, blood factors). With these platforms we generate a pipeline of biosimilars and biobetters. The first product is a biosimilar of omalizumab for allergic asthma and chronic urticaria; phase I starting in 2019. The second product is a biosimilar of denosumab, for osteoporosis and cancer-induced bone loss; development starting in 2018. We will also develop oral formulations of omalizumab and adalimumab. BiosanaPharma is led by a seasoned team of professionals in biotechnology and finance.