Welcome at Lab071 the new living room of the Bio Science Park. Currently we are busy with the improvements on our location in the former Pathology building to be able to welcome all of you as soon as possible. For now, we would like for you to become acquainted with our kitchen by starting our delivery services. We would like you to meet the diversity of our kitchen and start delivering sandwiches, salads, drinks and sweets to you at work. Our kitchen: We got our inspiration from the building where we are working in. Where almost a hundred years ago it was all about research and experiments. Now that’s what we are all about and this goes hand in hand with our vision: Veggies first! We will surprise you with inspiring and creative vegetable dishes combined with unique flavors. No, this does not mean we do not serve meat .. we just put our magnifying glass on the veggies! To stay updated about the opening of Lab071 .. keep an eye out on our social media channels.