Launching Customer: the hard-to-get must-have for startups!

You developed a great startup idea. You could convince friends and family about it. Most likely you also managed to excite an investor with it. That are tremendous achievements! Yet, the potentially hardest nut to crack is finding your Launching Customer!

Read some real life stories told by uprising starters – about how EntryOne, Filterless, Nades Solutions and SysBioSym found their Launching Customer. Or, how you could become the Launching Customer of Buxenus.

Whatever your plans – we shall happily support you in getting hooked up!

Starters who already have their Launching Customer


  • Entrepreneur:
    Coen Breedveld.
  • What does Entry One do:
    EntryOne is a student driven consultancy that support young innovative companies by combining business experts with enthusiastic students.
  • Who/Which organization was your launching customer?
    Our first customer is a company that specializes in the application of fungi technology. They want to explore the potential of fungi in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How did you “find” your launching customer?
    We met our launching costumer through our launching partner. Working together with Science Based Business, KplusV and BioPartner has really improved EntryOne.
  • How did this propel your startup forward?
    - Finding the first flaws in your business plan.
    - Working together to find an interesting solution.
    - Hiring the first students and finding the first business experts.
  • What are your next plans?
    - Delivering an outstanding proof of concept with the current first customer.
    - Combining students from various background in different industries.
    - Developing software tools to improve the advice.
  • Which role did the LBSP play in this deal?
    LBSP helped me to find more leads for future project.



  • Entrepreneurs:
    Rick Overkleeft and Sander van Boom.

  • What does Filterless do:
    Image analysis of cellular images for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.
  • Who/Which organization was your launching customer:
  • How did you “find” your launching customer:
    Harmen Jousma (director of the Leiden University program Science Based Business) helped us get in contact with Giel Hendriks, CEO of Toxys.
  • How did this propel your startup forward:
    Filterless can grow unlike ever before.
  • What are your next plans:
    Create a standardised platform for the industry so science can be performed in an efficient manner with all relevant biological data connected.
  • Which role did the LBSP play in this deal:
    LBSP helped us get connected to many companies due to their extensive list of activities, such as Life Sciences cafés, TechTalks and symposia.

NADES Solutions    


  • Entrepreneur:
    Niall Hodgins, who won the Gulliver student entrepeneur competition.
  • What does NADES Solutions do:
    NADES Solutions creates novel solvents enhancing the testing of new chemical entities.
  • Who/Which organization was your launching customer: 
    German pharmaceutical company.
  • How did this propel your startup forward?
    Assistance – Our launching customer has provided very useful technical advice, assumption validation and a willingness to test our products and compare them to their traditional techniques. This commercial validation coupled with data generation will hopefully create an excellent launch pad for NADES Solutions.
  • Which role did the LBSP play in this deal?
    NADES Solutions was connected to our launching customer through Barbara Brunnhuber of the LBSP foundation.

SysBioSim B.V.




  • Entrepreneur:
    Basak Tektemur Altay.   
  • What does your startup do?
    We provide systems biology simulations and modeling services for pharmaceutical and health and food ingredient industries to improve drug, health products and functional food development.
  • Who/Which organization was your launching customer?
    A natural compound based supplement producer from Sweden.
  • How did you “find” your launching customer?
    During an industry event.
  • How did this propel your startup forward?
    - The launching customer in health and food ingredients industry gave us the confidence and assurance that our services can be interesting and valuable for health and food ingredients industry as well as pharmaceuticals industry.
    - It became a starting point within this target industry and helped us to build a name within the industry from our early days.
    - It also created some financial resources to support organic growth which is very important for every startup.
  • What are your next plans?
    - Pursue our endeavors in all three target industries: Pharmaceuticals, Health and Food Ingredients and Functional Food.
    - Continue working on internal projects to develop comprehensive platforms for drug, active ingredients and compound analysis with scientific excellence.
    - Generate financial resources to support growth and research.

Starters with exciting products looking for their Launching Customer



  • Entrepreneurs:
    Jan H. Zender and Max Green.
  • What does Buxenus do?
    Laboratory automation, initially electrophoresis.
    Buxenus is the 2016 winner of the Science meets Business Plan Competition.
  • What would your launching customer look like?
    - A private company that is looking for innovation and wants to give feedback on design, needs and usability.
    - Willing to share some time of its researchers to give feedback.
  • How would this propel your startup forward?
    - This would allow us to efficiently design and prototype.
    - The generated feedback will allow us to keep the scientists even more central, since they are the one's who will use it.
  • What are your next plans?
    - Increase the range of our network with suitable and interested scientists.
    - Finance the development where necessary.
    - Finish the design + next prototype + go to market.
  • Which role could the LBSP play in this?
    Network and exposure.