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Innovation flourishes when a variety of people come together to exchange ideas, insights and possibilities. Straying from your own discipline and starting to converse with communities you hadn’t assumed, could inspire you.

Within the Innovation community at LBSP, we strive to look forward together. 

Within a balanced system, research organisations are connected to-, work together with- and spawn entrepreneurs. Students do internships in companies. Brainstorm sessions result in a change of scenery. With a group of fresh minds, problems can be solved quicker and different organisations are stimulated to learn from each other.


We stimulate Innovation connecting communities through a diversity of projects. Want to work on cutting edge ideas and brainstorm with sharp-minded entrepreneurs, researchers, academics and scientists? More on specific Innovation projects.

 Innovation projects


New techniques, new insights, new initiatives. Join one of our Innovation events to talk to the community, brainstorm together and learn from a diverse crowd. Through challenging presentations and problem-solving roundtables, this community will show you fresh concepts.

     Innovation events


    Our Innovation community at LBSP is based on a collaborative structure: everyone settled here can participate. To offer counsel, to look into an idea, or to ask for a different perspective or expertise.

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      Did you know? Outside of Life Sciences, we focus on two major themes: Biodiversity and Space