Entrepreneurship should be engrained in society, a valid career option for everyone with a great idea. unlock_ provides a place to encourage these ideas. Though everyone could come up with a great idea, that fits within unlock_ there is a difference amongst different groups, specifically in changing that idea into a company.

Together with PLNT, unlock_ has developed introductory modules in which the career opportunities that entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial attitude offers for students and staff play a central role. These classes help form a better understanding of the personal opportunities that starting you own company offers. But not only inventors and future entrepreneurs benefit from this, also academics are fased with questions on how to transfer their ideas into societal impact and product.

Our current course portfolio:

  • Introduction course: creating a basic entrepreneurial mindset in Life Science (graduate) students and staff and introducing the potential follow-up steps: 2,5 hours
  • Research to Market Workshop: an interactive workshop to do the first reality check if a (research) idea is suited for commercialization through a start-up: 4 hours + networking
  • Research to Market Bootcamp: A high-paced bootcamp that leads to a potential route to market and a self-check for the to-be entrepreneur(s) if they’re really up to the challenge: 4 days. The end-result of this bootcamp is the optimal (but not compulsory) start for the pre-incubation stage.
  • And several program-specific modules and activities.
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