CIV Bio Sciences

Invest in the analyst of the future.

The kick-off of the Centre for Innovative Craftsmanship (CIV) Bio Sciences took place on November 5th 2020. A CIV is a proven form of public-private partnership between industry, education and government. The aim of this cooperation is always to improve the match between education and the professional field. The Netherlands has nearly 200 of such centres that also have a European counterpart - The Centres of Vocational Excellence. The CIV Bio Sciences brings together parties from the LBSP.


Ida Haisma (Director of the Stichting LBSP), Henri van Drunen (General Manager of Janssen Biologics), Paul Dirkse (Alderman for Education of Leiden), and Otto Jelsma (Chair of the Executive Board of MBORijnland), called on companies and organisations to become partners in this CIV. They emphasised the importance of this cooperation for the benefit of the Human Capital Agenda of the LBSP .

Three months after the kick-off, nearly twenty organisations have expressed an interest in a partnership with CIV Bio Sciences. Among them are pharmaceutical companies, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Leiden), mboRijnland, municipalities in the region and the province of South Holland.


For more information please contact Els de Waard or Ria van Oosterhout.

Bijeenkomsten CIV Bio Sciences


15.00 - 17.00

Ontwikkeling van vraaggericht excellent onderwijs (vertegenwoordigers van bedrijven samen met docenten uit MBO en HBO)


15.00 - 17.00

Praktijkgericht onderzoek in een practoraat ten behoeve van aansluiting onderwijs – arbeidsmarkt (vertegenwoordigers van bedrijven met een afvaardiging uit het onderwijs)


15.00 - 17.00

Samen werken aan een ecosysteem van een Leven Lang Ontwikkelen (vertegenwoordigers van bedrijven, gemeenten, provincie en onderwijs)

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