Plans for 2022

LBSP is already receiving international attention as a benchmark, due to its current transformation efforts to change from science park into an Innovation District.

The goal is to grow: including over 300 companies and (research) institutes, 25,000 professionals; 35,000 students and 3,600 homes by 2025. To deliver on this promise, internationalisation is key. We are successfully supporting international expansion of our customers (outbound) and attract and retain companies, institutions, investors and talent from abroad (inbound). In doing so we are well positioned already leveraging the power of the LBSP knowledge, proposition and assets that have been built over the past 35 years.

In 2021 and beyond we will further more prioritise internationalisation efforts on:

  1. An effective trade & acquisition organisation and enabling eco-system
  2. An attractive investment & residential climate

By identifying the gaps between the expectations of local and international customers - present and prospected - and the assets and services provided for at the LBSP, current services will be further optimized and future services developed. The approach is pragmatic: data driven, validate findings with customers and enablers at the LBSP, learn and ‘lease’ from best practices in other innovation hubs in NL and the rest of the world and build on the ecosystem that’s already here. Team Internationalisation will propose strategic initiatives to further improveme. The five learning LBSP communities
(Access to Knowledge, Innovation, Human Capital, Capital and Market), other parts of the organisation (ao Marketing and Communication) and stakeholders will be called upon to provide data and business development suggestions as well as conceptualise ideas into implementational solutions and put them into practice.

2021 sets out to align governance, services and infrastructure with customer needs and stakeholder interests and to strengthen the position of LBSP in the regional and national ecosystems. In 2022 we’ll spread our wings towards internationally.

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