TechTalk: Image-based phenotypic screening

November 28, 2023 from 15:15 to 18:15
Organised by LBSP Foundation | Biopartner Center Leiden, 21 J.H. Oortweg 2333 CH Leiden

Unlocking the Future of Drug Discovery: Join Our Techtalk on Image-based High-Throughput Phenotypic Screening

Our Techtalk on November 28 (15.30 hrs) is designed to bring together experts in the field of microscopy phenotypic screens, featuring academic speakers from Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Center, alongside industry representatives who incorporate phenotypic screening into their workflows. This event promises to foster fresh collaborations among parties with similar and complementary expertise.

Thanks to the NL-BioImaging network's funding, a program supported by NWO, Leiden has been recognized as a national hub for developing cutting-edge image-based high-throughput microscopy. This extends to the development of essential workflows for dedicated data management and analysis. As this roadmap begins to unfold, we're eager to explore how various stakeholders within the Leiden BioScience Park can collaborate to tackle emerging challenges.

Microscopy phenotypic screens are the key to unraveling the molecular intricacies of disease progression, discovering promising drug targets, understanding mechanisms of drug resistance, identifying novel drug combinations for effective treatment, and establishing safe therapeutic windows. Advances in this field have revolutionized our ability to study phenotypes and decode targets on a large scale. Latest innovation in the field including State-of-the-Art Automation, Cutting-Edge Stem Cell and Genome Engineering Technologies, Densely Annotated Small Molecule Libraries, Big Data Analysis, AI-Driven Approaches are iterative to screening strategies. Today, we have a diverse portfolio of potential medicines, spanning peptides, monoclonal antibodies, proteins, cell and gene therapies, and more.

Image-based high-throughput phenotypic screening plays a pivotal role in modern drug discovery and is widely utilized at the Leiden BioScience Park, both in academia and the industry.

Be part of the future of drug discovery. Don't miss this opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of high-throughput phenotypic screening and join us in this discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting discussion!

Program & Sign up

Program and speakers

  • 15.15 Walk in - registration
  • 15.30 Start program with speakers
    • Sylvia Le Dévédec, Division of Drug Discovery and Safety I & Leiden Cell Observatory High Content Imaging Screening Facility I Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)
    • Andreas Kompatscher, Nikon Biolmaging Lab
    • Marta da Silva, Charles River
    • Lu Cao, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS)
    • Bas Trietsch, Mimetas
    • And 1 speaker to be conformed
  • 16.50 Panel discussion and question to the audience
  • 17.15 Drinks & bites
  • 18.30 End TechTalk

          Introduction Tech Talk

          At Tech Talk events, experts from different organisations at LBSP share their views and insights around a specific technology or subject so that attendees can both broaden and deepen their knowledge on this topic.

          In recent years, Tech Talks have become a well-known concept at LBSP. In 2023, we organise another new series of talks.

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