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The communities at the Leiden Bio Science Park are ever expanding, growing daily. Do you want to learn more about the state-of-the-art of a biotech subject like cell therapy, metabolomics or organ on a chip or developments in adjacent fields like AI, the latest medtech developments or biodiversity? Join the community now and get informed by leading knowledge institutions on-site, such as LUMC, Leiden University, Hogeschool Leiden and TNO. Besides we very much welcome and like to be more connected to all the knowledge and experience that is created in the private sector.

Community members are not only encouraged to partake in knowledge events, but can also contribute their own ideas and voice their opinions on the themes that will be relevant for the future.

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Knowledge Network

Portrait of Robert Matousek

Robert Matousek

AI & Digitalization Knowledge Network Lead
Portrait of Nick Veringmeijer

Nick Veringmeijer

Advanced Therapeutic Medical Products (ATMP’s) Knowledge Network Lead
Portrait of Ahmed Mahfouz

Ahmed Mahfouz

Leiden Single Cell Network Knowledge Network Lead
Portrait of Han van de Sandt

Han van de Sandt

Animal-free Innovation Knowledge Network Lead
Portrait of Fijs van Leeuwen

Fijs van Leeuwen

Leiden Medtech Centre Knowledge Network Lead
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